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The Warning Project is a non-partisan and independent partnership of leading international practitioners, academics and consultants committed to helping organizations communicate more effectively during emergencies or other high risk events.

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Warning Workshop

The Warning Project specializes in emergency risk communication workshops designed to confront the common decision making, organizational and leadership challenges associated with efforts to use information to effectively manage serious risk.

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leading crisis/emergency communication experts

drawn from recognized academic institutions, national governments and international organizations, The Warning Project builds from extensive “on the ground” response and training workshop experience involving over 140 countries from every region of the globe. Investment in emergency risk communication.

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Why build emergency risk communication capacity?

Your success is ultimately measured by how effectively you communicate timely, potentially life-saving information to the most vulnerable. Your people and your partners are depending on you. We offer a broad range of capacity building options to meet your organization’s needs.

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Anyone who has managed an emergency understands the crucial role of communication, whether it is warning those at-risk, coordinating partners, engaging communities or understanding risk perceptions. Communicating risk is among the most complex and difficult challenges any organization will face. ..Read more

State of the Art: Managing The Approval Process during High Risk Events

Warning Project workshops are designed to try and help organization get down to the core dilemmas, tensions and barriers preventing the effective communication of risk. But as much as we pride ourselves at looking past [...]

State of the Art: Elite training for emergency risk communication specialists

What can we learn from the World Health Organization’s Emergency Communication Network? By Ben Duncan, Melinda Frost and John Rainford “I barely managed to press the buttons on the radio let alone remember the call [...]

Workshop on Building Communication Capacity to Counter Infectious Disease Threats

View presentation Building communication capacity is critical for the preparedness, detection and response to infectious disease threats. The International Health Regulations (IHR) establish risk communication as a core capacity that member states [...]