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The Warning Project is a Non-partisan and independent partnership of leading international practitioners, academics and consultants committed to helping organizations communicate more effectively during emergencies or other high risk events.

The Warning Project approach is to encourage best practice by publicly acknowledging success through its Warning Awards, support open source exchange of research and resources in the specialized field of work, and to use work with organization that can afford it to help support work with organizations that can’t.


The Warning Project specializes in emergency risk communication workshops designed to confront the common decision making, organizational and leadership challenges associated with efforts to use information to effectively manage serious risk.

Using interactive technologies and the latest adult learning strategies, the sessions are designed to:

  • Engage leaders, management and staff in strengthening communication decision making
  • Build common understanding among the broad range of those involved in implementing high risk communication strategies
  • Focus on practical and sustainable capacity building options

 Among the issues tackled through the Workshop model:

  • Transparency and informing those at risk
  • Behaviour change communication
  • Emergency media relations
  • Social media engagement
  • Partner coordination
  • Risk perception tracking and interpretation
  • Leadership in times of crisis
  • Executive team workshops as part of your next retreat

  • Custom designed sessions focussing on your organization’s unique high risk or emergency communication responsibilities and context

  • Upcoming Emergency Risk Communication Training Workshops in your area